Our Programs

Tithi Bhoj

Feeding the lesser privileged is an act of compassion that is accepted across all religions. Since time immemorial “Anna Daan” or the act of donating food is supreme and incomparable to any other form of charity. Annamrita’s program, ‘Tithi Bhoj’ enables you to sponsor meals on “Special Occasions” such as “Birthdays”, “Anniversaries”, “Weddings”, “Festivals”, “In memory of”, “Promotions” etc. for under privileged children. By partnering with Annamrita on such occasions you not only continue this tradition but also help sponsor meals and bring smiles to millions of lesser privileged children in slum and tribal schools.

We have made it easy for you to donate with options like online, net banking or manual. If you prefer to make a monthly pledge, we will gladly assist with the same and provide a tax-deductible receipt. A standing instruction can also be given to your bank, or, you can send a donation by mail to administrative office. Come, double your happiness by sharing it with others.



Khichdi Drive

One question that the Annamrita team has been asked often is how corporate employees can be more involved in the project. Our program Khichdi Drive was started with the goal of getting corporates and institutions more involved in the project. Annamrita hosts a khichdi tasting at a corporate office, wherein, employees get to taste the same khichdi which is being served to the children across schools that day. This activity not only helps us fundraise but also creates a greater awareness for our cause.

So if you can't directly donate but if you can even connect us to your HR team or speak about our work to your CSR Manager, we would be happy to come and host a khichdi drive at your premises. Please write in to [email protected] for more information.