We are deeply appreciative of the contribution made by this (Annamrita) great movement. Just imagine within a short span of time … today I am told that Annamrita movement runs more than 600 centers all over the world, every day in India it provides food to over one million children, healthy food and the message… of love, compassion, which is inherent in Indian civilization”
Shri Pranab Mukherjee - President of India

We are extremely grateful to Annamrita Food Relief Foundation for their timely action. These children are happy to receive the khichdi. We whole heartedly appreciate the high quality, nutritious food that is delivered efficiently, on time and at the location instructed by us. We are looking forward to a very long association with Annamrita Food Relief Foundation in the future too”
Prof S. Parasuraman - Director – TISS

SBI Mutual Fund has been associated with Annamrita for last 3 years and we are impressed by their dedication and professionalism. We have contributed vehicles to them and they keep us updated on exactly how utilization of the vehicles has impacted so many lives. Mid-day meal is a very good initiative by the Govt. of India and they have chosen an excellent partner in Annamrita to implement it. During their khichdi drive, they served khichdi to our employees at office and spoke about the project, this increased the level of participation from employees towards the project. We are very proud to support Annamrita and its work.
Navneet Munot - Chief Investment Officer, SBI Mutual

Annamrita focuses on removing malnutrition at the infancy level itself. Children want to study and go to school but poverty hampers them from doing this. We see children on the streets begging or engaging in menial labour rather than studying and that is something that needs to change. Annamrita has dedicatedly, since the last 11 years, committed itself to providing meals to the poorest of poor children across the country. Parents send their children to school because they know that with education they also get a guaranteed meal. We are very grateful to organisations like Annamrita for their selfless service and dedication to the cause.
R. G. Rajan - Chairman & MD, Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizers

One of the most beautiful things for the heart is to see these little children, the smiles, the tears of their gratitude to receive their lunch. We take it for granted but for them they live for that lunch to see what just that little bit of care and concern from our part can do for a person’s entire life.
Radhanath Swami - Author of Journey Home and Spiritual Community Leader

"I have been associated with ISKCON for many years now. Our business would like to make a positive impact and difference in the world around us. We do it in several ways, one of the ways is through Annamrita. We have seen the Annamrita programme ensuring that all funds are deployed towards ensuring nutritious meals for children, while eliminating any inefficiencies. Earlier the number of children coming to school was very low but now 96% of all the children are coming to school and a significant contribution to this is due to the Mid Day Meals provided by Annamrita.
Ajay Piramal - Chairman, Piramal Group

We started supporting ISKCON around 10 years ago. We help Annamrita in some form every year. I met the management team, visited the kitchen and saw what a wonderful job they are doing. I am very impressed with the tremendous job and their dedication to public service. It is unique example where education and health are promoted together. Poverty cannot be removed without Education. Education is the foundation of prosperity. When masses are educated, there is all around development. When I came to know about their new upcoming kitchen I decided to contribute along with a friend. We are helping them with delivery vans as well. We want the entire project to run successfully so that students can benefit.
N. H. Israni - Founder Blue Cross Labs

There is no better expenditure of money than feeding a needy child and it’s really important for these children to stay in school and learn. I love this programme, this is one of the best examples of organisations that do their work quiety and efficiently. The students served by Annamrita are nourished not only by healthy food but also with compassion and love. They inturn will be responsible citizens of the nation. I urge everyone to take part in this service towards the society.
Bijal Meswani

My connect to Annamrita is that I am the past President of Mumbai Queen’s Necklace, one of the largest Rotaries in Mumbai area that supports annamrita. Coincidently Shri Radha Krishna Das expressed his desire to me to set up a new kitchen in Mumbai city and I was immediately taken in with idea. We set up a budget and the Global Grant project along with Rotary International helped the funds flow in and we are going to inaugurate soon. We intend setting up a kitchen that will feed over 1 million children a day and it is among the largest kitchen programmes that I am aware of.
Sanjiv Mehta - Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen’s Necklace

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is doing a fantastic job. Just trying to capture my experience through these lines. An honest effort named ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Endeavoring to eradicate hunger from a nation. Providing Mid Day Meals & getting more children to School, Building a country through nutrition & health as its tools. An attempt by which millions can inspire Shaping a society with happy satiated children singing in a choir
Siddhartha Rastogi - Director, Ambit Capital Private Limited

Heartiest congratulations…. ISKCON FOOD RELIEF FOUNDATION has continued in its most noble mission of feeding the children, particularly in the schools of India with a healthy and nutritious Mid Day Meal. Hundreds of thousands of school children across India have continued to benefit immensely for many years through your most valuable humanitarian service. I feel privileged to note that Rotary International District 3140 has had the honour to be associated with ISKCON on this project…. And I assure you that we shall continue to be there.
Subhash Kulkarni - District Governor 2015-16, Rotary International District 3140


Young Champs

The work Annamrita does is inspiring. Feeding meals to hungry children and the less fortunate is such a noble cause. If by my small efforts I was able to make such an impact then I would urge more kids to come out and lend a hand. I feel it’s a brilliant effort and everyone should help Annamrita out.
Mukul Khanna

“While working on a blog posting in France, I learnt about the mid-day meal programme in India and Annamrita. I was amazed to see that with only 450 rupees (6 euros), we can create such a big impact for children! This is why I really wanted to start a fundraiser to support the programme. I do believe, education is the best way to get the country out of poverty but it will take time and it’s thanks to nonprofits like Annamrita that the situation will improve.”
Thibaut Gougeon

I interned with the Annamrita team for 6 months. The work that they do is amazing. Through my interactions with the children during this period I realized how what role a wholesome meal plays for them in their daily life. Their khichdi drives are fun and a unique way of exposing corporates to the work they do. Their team is a dedicated lot of individuals committed to this mission. I cant imagine waking up at 2 30 in the morning to prepare a meal and they do that every single day for lakhs of children. They are an NGO but they function as efficiently and in an organized manner as a corporate
Dhavaal Shah



Our school is inside the Damu Nagar slums. I have 1800 children and 74 staff in my school. All my children come from the surrounding slums as well the pahadi areas. Most of them come to school on an empty stomach. ISKCON Food Relief Foundation has been serving meals to my school for the last 5 years. The meals provide the kids with the required vitamins and proteins required for a child’s growth.
Ajam B. Shaikh - Principal Raj High School

We have been receiving meals from Annamrita for the last 11 years. My children love the food especially the pulao and sheera. The use of vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, peas etc. in khichdi , is useful for those children who normally do not like to eat vegetables. They also make use of various sprouts in khichdi which are full of vitamins. The Annamrita team ensures the meals reach us on time sealed and packed. We can depend on them always.
Mrs S. Parab - Principal, Maratha High School



Every day I take khichdi full dabba. I like Annmarita khichdi very much. It is very tasty and very hot. I enjoyed eating khichdi a lot during my break time. Once I have taken some khichdi home for my father, he also likes the khichdi. My parents are very happy with the taste and quality of khichdi”
Sujal Yadav - STD V

My father has a mobile repair shop and my mother is at home only. After tea in the morning I directly eat the khichdi in the lunch break. I look forward to the lunch break as I get to get the meal with all my friends. The khichdi is very filling and we can eat as much as we like
Shaikh Mohammed Zakaria Tanvir - STD IV - R.J.J. Primary School

My father works in Garage and my mother is housewife. My sisters and I are studying in this school, we all leave home at 7am. Lunch break is the one time we get hot full meals. My sister and I love the pulao and my elder sister loves the sheera very much. We are very thankful to Annamrita for this service without which we would not get such big lunch everyday
Chaya Pednekar - STD III Adarsh High School